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Know Your Players: Ryan Thomas Mellor

Name: Ryan Thomas Mellor

Age: 21

Position: Striker

Previous Clubs: Partington Village

Welcome back to the club Ryan how does it feel to join The Blues?

Feels great to be rejoining Wnsford, we have a great team and its the best changing room i have ever been in. All together as one

Why did you choose Winsford United? 

My first club to step up from Sunday league football. Winsford is at a good level of football in which i wanted to try and prove myself in.

What would you class as the highlight of your career so far?

Highlight was probably playing for England School Boys as a teenager and also scoring in 8 seconds last season for Winsford.

Do you have any pre-match rituals?

I always dress my right leg first.

Squad night out in DeBee’s or City visit?

City visit, ducko’s local DeBee’s will have to be my next night out.

Choice of boots?

Red/Black Nike Mecurial Vapours

Thanks for your time and welcome to the club!

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